Redux is a powerful integrated framework for React apps to manage their state effectively. We already knew how helpful Redux brings to the big React apps, What Redux do to manage state in React (refer to my blog “Introduction to Redux for React”). In this blog, I am going to introduce step by step for applying Redux into a React app. We will create a react app and discuss how we can integrate Redux into it.

Introduce “HOME INVENTORY” web app

“HOME INVENTORY” app is one of the web applications I made in Web Application Programming in my 3rd semester. …


Redux is a JavaScript library for managing state. It’s most commonly used for React in order to manage states of React components more easily by taking control of states away from React components and centralizing states to one place.

Why Redux

As you may know, React is a JavaScript library that developed and maintained by Facebook. It helps to create UI components with the ability to reuse these components. …

Thai Nguyen

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